Why Celebrate Treaty Day?

The Treaty of 1752 designated October 1st as the date on which the Mi’kmaw people would receive gifts from the Crown to “renew their friendship and submissions.”

In 1985, the Supreme Court of Canada affirmed the Treaty of 1752 was still strong and in 1986, October 1st was officially proclaimed as Treaty Day to commemorate the unique relationship between the Mi’kmaq and the Crown.

By celebrating Treaty Day we are giving thanks to the Mi’kmaw and the Crown for signing treaties of peace and friendship.

People continue to gather in Halifax on October 1st to enjoy various events in celebration of Treaty Day. It’s a reunion for many Mi’kmaq and a time for non-Aboriginals to learn a part of Nova Scotia’s 13,000-year-old history.

It’s a time for government officials and Mi’kmaw leaders to meet and exchange gifts to observe the day.

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