Sankeweye’n Iapjiw, Nastasi Paul

November 21, 2019

Our hearts are heavy this week as we offer tribute to Nancy ‘Nastasi’ Paul. Nastasi passed away on November 21 but left behind a powerful legacy that shall remain with us.

For 37 years, Nancy worked with us as Executive Assistant before retiring in 2018 and passing on her role to daughter Rachel. Staff viewed and respected Nastasi as a ‘mom’ and ‘grandmother’ figure, filled with knowledge and a witty sense of humour.

All Union of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq offices will close on Monday in respect for Nastasi’s memory, and to join family in her memorial service. Please feel free to join us.

Like the eagle in our logo, Nastasi’s soul flies high and we hope that she will watch over us for generations to come.

Kesalul, Nastasi, sankeweye’n iapjiw.