The Union of Nova Scotia Indians is a tribal organization that has been in existence in Nova Scotia for 40 years. It held its first meeting on July 12th, 1969 and ratified its constitution on September 13th, 1969 during its first annual general assembly. It was formally incorporated under the Nova Scotia’s Societies’ Act on July 3, 1970.

The organization came into existence to provide a unified political voice for the Mi’kmaq people of the province in the face of a proposed federal government policy to assimilate Canada’s First Nations people into mainstream society. The 1969 White Paper was widely viewed by the First Nations’ leadership as the government’s deliberate attempt to introduce a policy of cultural and political genocide.

Faced with the prospect of extinction, a group of Mi’kmaq leaders formed the Union of Nova Scotia Indians to provide political leadership for the Mi’kmaq Nation. The Union of Nova Scotia Indians operates under its original terms of the Memorandum of Association that was registered in 1970 and its present By-Law that was adopted in July 1992 and amended during its 28th annual assembly held in Waycobah in July 1997.


Joe B. Marshall, Executive Director


Pjila’sij mset uen. Welta’sultiek pisquetaioq ula Union-ewey Website. Ulaptemoq kisna aluaptemoq; kinua’tuitesnen.

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As the Union gets more involved with other Mi’kmaq initiatives we will keep you informed of their progress. One of our goals is, “To preserve an enhanced way of life for the Mi’kmaq that is assured by our ancestry and guaranteed by our Mi’kmaw Constitutional rights”.
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